• Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Trauma 

  • Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults and Children  

  • Adults Abused as Children 

  • Co-Dependency 

  • Gay and Lesbian Issues

  • Mediation

  • Stress due to chronic illness 

  • Weight and Nutrition

  • Adolescent weight problems

  • Marital Problems 

  • Eating Disorders 

  • Spiritual Concerns 

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics 

  • Behavioral Medicine for Chronic Pain, Stress, and Depression 

  • Grief Counseling 

  • Anger Management

  • Divorce Recovery


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Women's Support Group for Adults Abused as Children: 

This group looks at the long term effects of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. 
Facilitator: Pat Grabianowski, MFT. VM X 114

Group for Adult Children of Alcoholics/


An interactive group for women who have experienced the effects of living in an alcoholic and /or dysfunctional family. Facilitator: Pat Grabianowski, MFT. VM X 114

Continuing Recovery (Co-Dependency and Beyond): 

This group is for women who want to master the art of self care. 

Facilitator: Pat Grabianowski, MFT. VM X 114

Men and Connection: 

This group provides the opportunity for men to learn how to access and express themselves more effectively and reach deeper levels of understanding.

Facilitator: Terry Wilcox-Rittgers, MFT. VM X 123 

A Group for Men:

Many men that tend to be guarded often feel isolated and lonely. Many personal dilemmas can keep us stuck. Join a group of men whose purpose is to learn to trust in relationships and be empowered by gaining an understanding of human emotions and behaviors. Facilitator: Robert Durazzo, MFT. VM X 112

Three generations of women

A group for women in transition

Come together to receive and provide support while exploring and embracing your strengths and vulnerabilities while going through Midlife. Develop new ways to take control of your life experience and become a more joyful person regardless of your outside circumstances.

Facilitator: Deborah Dowse Runyeon, MFT. CGP.

VM X 111

Life Beyond Mental Illness: 

A support and process group for people moving beyond their mental illness.  

Facilitator: Deborah Dowse Runyeon, MFT. CGP. 

VM X 111