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  • Marital Problems 

  • Psychological Testing for Children 

  • Spiritual Concerns 

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics 

  • Grief Counseling 

  • Anger Management

  • Divorce Recovery

  • EMDR

  • Support Groups for Adults

  • Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Trauma 

  • Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults and Children  

  • Adults Abused as Children 

  • Co-Dependency 

  • LGBTQ+ Issues

  • Career and Life Coaching

  • Stress due to chronic illness 

  • Weight and Nutrition

  • Adolescent Counseling and group support​


Click on pictures to find out more about each group

Women's Support Group for Adults Abused as Children: 
This group looks at the long term effects of sexual, physical and emotional abuse. 
Facilitator: Pat Grabianowski, MFT. VM X 114

Co-ed relationship support group: 
Having trouble making connections or feeling connected to others? The adult process group will help you develop better interpersonal skills and provide a place to feel connected with others who struggle in similar ways. $50 per session and possibility for sliding scale. 

Facilitator: Dino Kazos.   408-560-6681                                 

Woman celebrating on a mountain looking

Group for Adult Children of Alcoholics/
An interactive group for women who have experienced the effects of living in an alcoholic and /or dysfunctional family. Facilitator: Pat Grabianowski, MFT. VM X 114


Women’s Healing Group

Navigating Separation / Divorce 

You may be at any stage of the separation/divorce process to join our circle. Come heal alongside a supportive community of women who are navigating their healing journeys.

Facilitator: Leslie Fitzgerald Matteucci (408) 655-5516

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